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Private Lessons

Acting & Audition Tech/Prep Private Lessons

Sharon Cook, Instructor


Cost:  $40 for 1/2 hour session

            $75 for 1 hour session

Sessions: are hybrid - in-person & online 

In-Person Class Location: The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, 7400 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA


Private acting lessons - Students will build confidence as they develop and enhance acting skills through the use of monologues and scenes. They will learn professional approaches and techniques to script analysis and character development, which will enable them to give life and meaning to a given role. Sharon will guide students to connect with their emotions, teach them how to relate to a character, and act along with students to reduce nervousness and model skills where necessary.


Private audition tech/prep - Students who want to prepare for upcoming auditions will learn to utilize acting techniques and script analysis to become more adept at auditioning. Depending on their need(s), students will explore ways to connect with a character, relate to an "unseen" character, adjust the emotions of their character, and properly slate information regarding their audition piece(s). Students preparing for musical theater auditions will also explore ways to connect to and perform their musical selection(s). A bonus feature to this private lesson is that Sharon will prepare students for cold readings, owning the room, answering  the "tell me about yourself" question that pops up at the start of an audition. 

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